Pitannâ lìteraturoznavstva

“Pytannia literaturoznavstva” (“Problems of Literary Criticism”) is the oldest Ukrainian periodical scientific Journal on problems of poetics and history of world literature.

Published since 1966.

In 1966–1991 it was published under the title “Voprosy russkoi literatury” (“Problems of Russian Literature”) (ISSN 0321-1215).

Since 1993, under the decision of the editorial board (editor-in-chief A. R. Volkov), the title of the periodical is changed to “Pytannia literaturoznavstva” (“Problems of Literary Criticism”).

In 2012 the Journal was re-registered in the Centre International de l'ISSN (Key title: Pitannâ lìteraturoznavstva; Abbreviated key title: Pitannâ lìteraturozn.).

The Issue was assigned ISSN 2306-2908.

Published in association with T. H. Shevchenko Institute of Literature of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

Publication Frequency: Twice per year

Articles are published in Ukrainian, Russian, English, German, Polish and French.

No 98 (2018)

Table of Contents


“The Decline of the West” by Oswald Spengler: Providential Model of Science PDF (Українська)
Mariana Lanovyk, Zoriana Lanovyk 7-22
Creativity of Uncertainty: A Poetic Text in One Hundred Years PDF (Українська)
Olha Chervinska 23-40


Artistic conception of memory in the novel by U. Eco “The Mysterious Flame of Queen Loana” PDF (Русский)
Natalia Astrakhan 41-58
Topos “Book” in the History of Culture: The Origins of the Development of the Semantic Field, the Evolution of the Values PDF (Русский)
Alena Bahdzevich 59-80
Topos of Donbas as a Narrative Phenomenon in the Ukrainian Culture of the XX–XXI Centuries: Observations, Analysis, Summarizing PDF (Українська)
Olena Romanenko 81-104

Historical Poetics

Reflexions Of World War 1 in Joseph Roth’s Early Publicism PDF (Українська)
Anastasiya Vytrykush 105-119
“Distant Mirror”: 1618–2018 – the Echo of Thirty Years’ War in New German-Language Literature PDF (Українська)
Svitlana Macenka 120-141
The Crisis Interval: German Literature of Bukovyna at the Turn of the Century PDF (Українська)
Petro Rychlo 142-156
Peaks of Ukrainian lyryc: poems by P. Tychyna – I. Drach – Yu. Izdryk PDF (Українська)
Yanina Yukhymuk 157-174

Genre Study

An Endeavor of Freedom: Modern Anthologies of Ukrainian Free Verse PDF
Natalіia Naumenko 175-190
The Fantastic Shakespeare: Character’s Passionary Confocality in the Aspect of Reception PDF
Alyona Tychinina, Dan Paranyuk 191-207

Intertextuality and Intermediality

Intertext in the Story of Sergei Dovlatov “The Reserve” (Pushkin and the Russian Classics) PDF (Русский)
Olga Bogdanova, Elizabeth Vlasova 208-228
Intermedial Metadramatic Measurements: Children's Cinema of 1960–1980's PDF (Українська)
Eugene Vasiliev 229-252
Playing up the Neomythological Structures of “Ulysses” J. Joyce in “Murphy” S. Beckett PDF (Українська)
Yelyzaveta Vasyliuk 253-268
Ukrainian Emigration on the Verge: Film Strip By L. Osyka “The Stone Cross” (1968) PDF (Українська)
Nataliia Nikoriak 269-282

Methodology. Psychoanalytical and Gender Studies

“Ukrainian Dostoyevsky”, or The Universal Psychologizm (Psychological Approach) of the Prose of Ivan Franko: Theory and Methodology PDF (Українська)
Wang Xiaoyu 283-300
Autistic Way of Thinking and Existentialistic Dimensions of Postpostmodernism PDF (Українська)
Dmytro Drozdovskyi 301-316
Polyvalence of the Cave Paradigm: Iris Murdoch’s Reception PDF
Aliona Matiychak 317-329

Literary Historiography

Fed’kovych-Studies Discourses by Oleksandr Oguy (To the Issue of the Creative Phenomenon of the Scholar) PDF (Українська)
Lidija Kovalets 330-341
The Genre of “View” and Its Modifications: the Monographs by O. V. Bogdanova and L. G. Frizman in the Context of Monographs by E. M. Vasyliev, T. I. Hundorova, B. F. Egorov, V. B. Musiy, and Others PDF (Русский)
Luiza Oliander 342-355