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“Pitannâ lìteraturoznavstva” (“Problems of Literary Criticism”) is the oldest Ukrainian periodical scientific Journal on problems of poetics and history of world literature.

Published since 1966.

Current Issue

No. 107 (2023): Literature: Markers of Success

This monographic issue contains general theoretical, historical and literary materials dealing with the themes of the International Literary Conference “Literature: Markers of Success” (Chernivtsi, November 25, 2022), as well as the articles that are divided into the traditional sections of the journal: “Poetics”, “Intertextuality and Intermediality”, “Comparative Literary Studies”, and “In Memoriam”.

Published: 2023-06-30


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In 1966–1991 it was published under the title “Voprosy russkoi literatury” (“Problems of Russian Literature”) (ISSN 0321-1215).

Since 1993, under the decision of the editorial board (editor-in-chief A. R. Volkov), the title of the periodical is changed to “Pytannia literaturoznavstva” (“Problems of Literary Criticism”).

In 2012 the Journal was re-registered in the Centre International de l'ISSN (Key title: Pitannâ lìteraturoznavstva; Abbreviated key title: Pitannâ lìteraturozn.).

The Issue was assigned ISSN 2306-2908.

Published in association with T. H. Shevchenko Institute of Literature of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

Publication Frequency: Twice per year

Articles are published in Ukrainian, Russian, English, German, Polish and French.