Boris Poplavsky and Eugeniy Malaniuk: Typology of Expatriation as an Aspect of Cultural Allotropy

Olha Chervinska, Yulia Vilchanska


Exile existential accents are not considered to be a completely focused object. There are factors in history of cultures which are easier for understanding, proceeding from the current reality: the presence of certain culture in other cultural structure when the creative person faces an indispensability of self-identification (as motivated in the philosophical platform of Julia Kristeva, i. e. in the essay “Strangers to Ourselves” (1988). In the culture study aspect anyone of conventionally homogeneous cultures (or using the expression by Sorokin – “socio-cultural bodies”) in the context of its development inevitably faces, or will face in future, with a situation where the homogeneity ceases to be obvious.

In particular, the experience of integral culture collapse of the Russian Empire, at first glance, gives very significant examples related to the so-called allotropy factor (the literary lexicon virtually lacks the concept, although it is appropriate to use this ancient scientific term containing commonly known Greek roots αλλος – other, τρόπος – feature). We mean the various forms which presented the existence of representatives of individual national cultures of Russia after the October Revolution generating the emergence of various known today diasporas – such as the Armenian, Russian, Ukrainian and others. In this synchronic time span the formation of the various “post-imperial” Diasporas (the first wave of emigration) is of great interest. Their main point becomes a creation of the corresponding ideological clamp. In this respect it is interesting to trace typological samples on the most revealing examples.

The given article examines the work of two poets-emigrés: Boris Poplavsky (Russian diaspora) and Eugeniy Malaniuk (Ukrainian diaspora). It is a question of typologically polar transformations of biographical experience in the Diaspora ideology outlook.


allotropy factor; diaspora; expatriation; poets-emigrés; exile; Boris Poplavsky; Eugeniy Malaniuk

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