Historiography of Malanyuk Study: Regional Research Centers





ambivalence, apocalypticity, visionary, genesis, elitism, Eugene Malanyuk, ideosophia, national centrism


Native Malanyuk study structurally is composed of diasporic and continental options that have close connections. Historiographical study of this literary direction formation allowed to define a leading role and function of research strategies developed by scientists of independent Ukraine in the process of formation. Integration of Malanyuk’s personality and creativity in cultural and literary sphere of Ukraine started in the 1990s by publications of Slovak Ukrainian M. Nevrlogo and I. Dzyuba, who outlined the major strategic issues of this branch of literature. T. Salyga (Lviv) and L. Kutsenko (Kirovograd) actively participated in the same period in works popularizing of E. Malanyuk, their analytical thinking. There was a proper regional forming of Malanyuk study centers. Thus, T. Salyga from Lviv provided publication of Malanyuk’s lyrics in 1992 describing in the preface solutions to some problems of Malanyuk study. The problem of creativity of E. Malanyuk is also significant for Galicia scientists such as M. Ilnytsky, M. Krupach, L. Senyk, P. Ivanyshyn, O. Bagan and others. Writer’s heritage was considered by them in connection with the ideological and artistic phenomenon of visnykivstva, which required the study of aesthetic dimensions of national centric pathos and patriotism of Malanyuk’s lyrics, his ideosophia. Significant role in the native Malanyuk study played Kirovograd. L. Kutsenko, using cultural and geographical principle established fundamental monographic study of the artist creativity “Dominus Malanyuk: background and personality” where he actually reconstructed life and career of the writer. In addition, the scientist introduced into scientific turnover previously unprinted works of the artist (Russian poetry, “Black poetry”, journalism, notebooks, etc.). The peculiar ones were the studies of other scientists from Kirovograd region who complemented and expanded the range of problems of Malanyuk study (S. Barabash, G. Klochek, V. Marko, O. Golnyk). In 2005 there appears the largest in Ukraine Malanyuk’s publication of works of different genres “Return” (compiled by T. Salyga). The structure of the book contains a number of scientific works of L. Kutsenko showing successful integration of regional studies and scientific practices in national literary context. We can assume that this symbolic act of research centers symbiosis finally underlined the formation dynamics of Malanyuk study in Ukraine overcoming properly regional boundaries and becoming national dimension.

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Tetyana Yarovenko, Kharkiv national medical university

Kharkiv medical college

Kharkiv national medical university

Tinyakova Str., 11, 61177, Kharkiv, Ukraine


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