Is the History of Ukrainian Satirical Literature Possible / Advisable?




history of literature, comic forms, satire, burlesque


The article underlines the possibility of Ukrainian satirical literature history. In general, literature uses different comic forms, such as burlesque, satire, humor, or irony. But we can speak about a particularly satirical work of literature, if an author elaborates mocking as the main purpose of a text. Besides, any comic form that develops in a work of literature makes clear the connection of writing with cultural and national identities, and this way the history of satire would be simultaneously the history of a community values in a certain epoch. The author of the article also stresses the particular role of burlesque, as a comic form that differs from satire, but exists in unison to it. Burlesque provokes a carnival festive laughter, which is pointed in all directions, while satire is precisely directed onto its particular object. According to M. Bakhtin theory of folk festive culture, an author of a burlesque piece does not remain outside of his laughter, while a satirist mocks, but remains serious himself. On the other hand, if burlesque unfolds as a stylistic lowering, it could lead to satire and often becomes a tool for it. Ukrainian literature encloses visible tradition of burlesque in parallel to the satirical one. Finally, it is concluded that Ukrainian history of burlesque and satirical literature is possible as integrated comic forms inside the model of national literature. 

Author Biography

Rostyslav Semkiv, National University of “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy”

Department of Literary Criticism

National University of “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy”

Skovoroda str., 2, 04071, Kyiv, Ukraine


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