Aesthetics of Modernism in the Prose of German Female Writers at the Turn of GDR

Tamila Kyrylova


The article offers the analysis of the aesthetics of modernism in the prose of German female writers at the turn of GDR. Texts of H. Königsdorf, M. Maron and B. Burmeister have a high grade of the modernist aesthetics in order to overcome the crisis cultural-historical period at the turn of GDR and also as a mode to resist against doctrines of socrealizm in the conditions of the strict regulation of art and its ideologization of the state. The fact of active using of modernist aesthetics becomes an interesting unknown case in the modern history of German female literature. Purpose of the study is to search a strong intertextual connection between novels different chronological periods in order to find out important factors and changes of national German history by means of literary contextualization female experience of dictatorship, to make links with the most important historical-literary features in the beginning of 20th century, establish reasons for return of modernist aesthetics, to prove interrelationships between turning stages of German female literature in the 20th century.

The complex analysis consists of the modern methods and ideas of German studies: Gender Studies and historical-cultural analysis (W. Emmerich, S. Schaffratch). The benefits of this study let discover dynamism of national events and literary process, its projection in the newest female literature of women after 1989.


modernist aesthetics; socrealizm; prose of the female writers in the GDR


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