Scientific School of the Professor Nonna Kopystianska: Methodological Preconditions and Scientific Achievements

Oksana Levytska


In scientific biography of Nonna Kopystianska (1924–2013), the Professor of World Literature in Lviv National University, the issue of “scientific school” is of paramount importance. Certain articles, seminars and the chapter in the monograph have been devoted to the meditations on the core of this issue and the problems of its establishment in scientific environment.

Among the numerous scientific and methodological achievements of professor Kopystianska one can distinguish the activity of the International scientifically-methodological seminar-association “The issues of artistic time, space and rythm” founded in 1997 as a scientific core in the study of time, space and rhythm. The scientist regarded seminar as a unique form of scientific association which meets the requirements of the time and is able to fulfill theb wide range of tasks. The aim of arranging the seminar was to unite the scientists of various branches from different countries in order to work systematically on the scientific issue of artistic time, space and rhythm as one of the most vital and long-term issues of literary studies.

Methodological abilities of professor Kopystianska are demonstrated by the result of her 15 years work including more than 140 participants from 15 countries, cooperation with scientific institutions, foreign ones in particular, arrangement of the conferences or separatel sessions at international conferences. The representatives of professor Kopystianska’s school have significant achievements in the scientific aspect: the theses written up under the supervision or consulting of professor Kopystianska, numerous publications, participation in the conferences or congresses, publishing of a special edition of scientific collection dedicated to the problems of time, space, rhythm of the individuals, completing the reference bibliographic index of the issues of time-and-space poetics etc.

Scientific school of professor Nonna Kopystianska serves as a good example of uniting the scientific community to obtain an important scientific achievement and to solve a specific scientific problem.


Nonna Kopystianska; scientific school; artistic time and space; seminar-association; methodology


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