Art-biographical Story: Especially Study the Biography of the Writer in a Small Narrative Form

Liudmila Skibitskaya


The article analyzes the genre model of the story the subject of artistic exploration in which advocates biography or facts biography famous writers. In the center of such works is the image of real people (writers) in the imaginary circumstances, which allows the author to reveal the mystery of the writer. An example of such forms are stories of “Friends” Y. Olesha, “Jingle Breguet” Y. Kazakova. Yuri Olesha recreated scene of the Lyceum period of Pushkin's life. Y. Kazakov tried to unravel the mystery of the fateful day in the life of Mikhail Lermontov. The nature of the works of these authors distinguish the variety genre layers: a novel, short story, lyrical and philosophical, artistic and biographical, literary – which are presented in a syncretic type of connection within a small narrative forms.

Features of the study of biography in the framework of artistic-biographical story based on several factors:

- the cause of these works is the interest of the writers to the personalities of Lermontov (Yuri Kazakov) and Pushkin (Yuri Olesha);

- the connection of the facts of biography with fiction and conjecture;

- in the center of the story –  one fact from the biography of the writer, due to the volume of small form;

- the nature of the character is revealed in situations that define the essence of his personality;

- the narrative is dominated by “point of view” of one subject;

- the structure of the finale of the story, inherent to semantic incompleteness and diversity.


Y. Olesha; Y. Kazakov; art-biographical story; a shot story; William Boyd; syncretism; genre model.


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