Genre and Stylistic Specifics of the Modern Biographic Prose for Children

Lilia Ovdijchuk


The article deals with the specific character of the biographic and autobiographic genres on the theoretical basis of national and foreign scientists’ works, such as: O. Halych, Y. Kovaliv, O. Sobolevska, L. Strecha, M. Syrotyuk, І. Xodorkivs’kyj. In recent decades a lot of authors addressed to the teenagers appeared. These texts have novelized biography features: novelettes of O. Gavrosh, M. Morozenko, V. Rutkivs’kyj and stories of І. Andrusyak, L. Voronyna, N. Voskresens’ka, L. Denysenko, B. Zholdak, O. Il’chenko, A. Kokotyuxa, A. Krachkovs’ka, L. Deresh, І. Rozdobud’ko, M. Pavlenko, S. Procyuk. The author has analyzed the texts of O. Gavrosh: “Incredible adventures of Ivan Syla, the strongest man in the world”, L. Voronyna “Lesya Voronyna about Bruce Lee, Mahatma Gandhi, George Sand, Frederic Chopin, Ivan Mykolajchuk”, dilogy of M. Morozenko “Ivan Sirko is a great man of character”, “Ivan Sirko, a famous Cossack ataman” and autobiographic novelette “Unchristened infants’ spirits” of V. Rutkivs’kyj. Consequently, the author distinguished such varieties as: novelized biography about famous people; historical and biographical novelettes, historical and biographical stories about famous children’s lives and autobiographic writings. The texts are divided into biographies about extraordinary people (Ivan Syla), outstanding leaders of the epoch, which are representatives of different cultures (Gandhi’s guru from India, French writer George Sand, Polish composer F. Chopin, American actor and Master in kung fu B. Lee), prominent Ukrainian leaders (ataman Ivan Sirko, a film director and actor Ivan Mykolajchuk, a writer V. Rutkivskyj). As a result we have found out some genre and stylistic specifics of the mentioned above writings. The author’s position is mostly occurred in life events interpretation, their moral appraisal, emotional perception. Dynamics of the events’ development is connected with the character formation, the trials of life, skills’ development, which determined its further destiny. There are thematically diverse dialogues, individualization of the characters’ language, “presence” of the historical and real people. The authors take into account historical realities, describing everyday life, interior, traditions and clothes. Research of the modern biographic prose for children is not completed in this article. Genre and stylistic dominant’s determination of the texts which remained without consideration and genre aspects of individual style is challenging.


novelized biography; autobiography; historical and biographical prose; plot; chronotope; O. Gavrosh; M. Morozenko; L. Voronyna; V. Rutkivs’kyj.


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