Someone Else's Life as Intertext: Antique Biographies in Ukrainian Interpretation

Oksana Galchuk


The article analyses the main interpretation tendencies of the antique biographies in Ukrainian lyrics of 1920–1930s. The role of artistic connotations of someone else’s life in a force field of mature modernism has been studied, the typological characteristics of thede connotations have been discovered, those common for the symbolistic (Pavlo Tychyna) and neoclassic interpretation models of the antique text in partiqular (Eugen Malaniuk and “Kyiv” neoclassics). The dominant techniques and methods of integration of the antique biographies into the text have been revealed. They are citations, allusions, reminiscences, transformation of manes into images-symbols, adding to and transformation of traditional biography plots and so on. It was uncovered that historically real and literary-mythical antique characters of heroical andaesthetical types are the most often interpreted ones, with existential types to the lesser degree. The connection of principles of artistic interpretation of antique biographies with idea-aesthetical principles of creativity and worldview of a given author or tendency is emphasized. Thus, appealing to the life facts of antique figures, Eugen Malaniuk creates his own historiosophical concept. In poetry by neoclassics the biography fragments figures of the antique culture are replicated, thus the type “culturetrigger” prevails. The disappointed tragical “hero” prevail in symbolists’ works. Moreover, in Tychyna’s works “biography” of the myth figure transformation as well as rethinking of the antique concept of “heroic”. In general antique biographies play appeal, expressive, abstract and poetic functions that are inherent to intertext.


antiquity; intertext; transformation; Pavlo Tychyna; Eugen Malaniuk; Kyiv neoclassics


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