Music as a Component of Biographic Text

Svitlana Macenka


The role of music in the biography of a musician is analyzed. The focus is on the life of famous composers interpretation via their work and the role of music in structuring, aestheticization, additional semantization of biography. It is indicated that the artist stands out in the context of his time as the center of productive gravity, thus a musician’s biography demonstrates communication of the life and creative ways, distinguishing its major milestones and at the same time emphasizing the individual changes of the artist and those his innovations that defined the image of the era. It goes about the semantization of music by an author-biographer, the desire to articulate the principles of an individual artist (also by reference to the listening to musical works), comprehended as his musical text, with its help. For example, the genre of musician biography is viewed as based on the corresponding biographies of W. A. Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven and Richard Strauss. It is noted that W. A. Mozart is considered a catalyst for musical biographical writing, for certain events of his life were such that he started to be generally recognized as the prototype of the artist. Biographers of both Mozart and Beethoven are convinced of the efficiency of the biographical method in relation to musical analysis. Richard Strauss’s musical-biographical text is also structured according to the logic of musical thinking. A tendency towards correlation between life and work inherent in the biographies of musicians is also peculiar to the novel which tends to music.


musician’s biography; musical text; comprehension of music; music biographic aspect; W. A. Mozart; Ludwig van Beethoven; Richard Strauss


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