Transformation of Biographic Realities in a Poetic World of V. Malakhieva-Myrovitch


  • Mariia Voloshyn National University “Lvivska Polytechnica”, Ukraine



V. H. Malakhieva-Myrovitch, automythology, spiritual autobiography, automotive


The article is devoted to revealing the strategy of autobiographic material artistic transformation in the poetry of V. H. Malakhieva-Myrovitch. Above all, in her works a biographical context is subjected to the transformation just while choosing the poetic pen name and forming an adequate lyric image. The surname “Myrovitch” was borrowed from the early stories by L. Shestov. L. Shestov exerted a considerable influence on V. Malakhieva, she thought the love to him to be, unlikely, the most valuable gift of her fate, therefore, the pen name, taken from his works is the manifestation of spiritual union with the man which V. Malakhieva considered to be the closest friend of hers. But, not less conceptual content is added to the semantics of her pen name by accounting such source as the novel “Myrovitch” by H. Danylevskyi which extends the conception of hero-marginal in the lyric of V. Malakhieva. The other tendency towards biographic material transformation in the lyric of V. Malakhieva that can be recognized is the motive of maternity. Being childless, V. Malakhieva forms in system way the context of “maternity-childhood”, masterly implementing the elements of her own biography and the biographies of her close setting (the families of M. Shick, D. Andreyev etc.) into a poetic reality in conjunction with a poetic quasi-maternity mythologization of her lyric heroine. Moreover, the everyday life aspect of the subject is balanced by a sublime-symbolic imagery of the tragic poems, concerning the maternity. Among the most interesting variations of maternity imagery is the image of “grandmother” in the late author’s poems, where a maternal theme is endowed with greater variability as well as imaginative-semantic plasticity. As a result, we conclude, that both a symbolic basis of V. H. Malakhieva-Myrovitch’s artistic world view and an individual gravity to a biographic concreteness of her lyrics are forming an original strategy of biographic material transformation, based on the combination of “everyday life” plan and the plan of “entity” or “ being”.

Author Biography

Mariia Voloshyn, National University “Lvivska Polytechnica”

Department of foreign languages

National University “Lvivska Polytechnica”

S. Bandera str. 12, 79013, Lviv, Ukraine


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