French Novel of XX–XXI cs. as a Transitive Element of Genre System (On the Material of Works of A. Nothomb)

Maria Belyavskaya-Slyusaryeva


The research proposes an attempt of analysis of tendencies of modern novel genre, which is represented in a new conception of the literature and the process of reading. A novel appears before research workers and literary critics as a plastic category, deprived of permanent idea and thematic, artistic and formal signs, that persists its continuous evolutional synthesizing process. Swift technical progress fundamentally changes the realization of literary discourse, creating for it new forms and facilities. On the material of works of the Belgian authoress A. Nothomb the research suggests to analyse oscillation in the field of genres within the framework of a modern novel.

The purpose of the analysis consists in contrastive creating of a certain image of the modern novel, emphasizing of its structural, idea and thematic, and also contents characteristics within the framework of the writers' artistic search in XX–XXI cs.

As a methodological base of the analysis of the text formal and structural methods have been used, to study the literary, cultural and historical contexts cultural and historical, comparative and sociological methods have also been applied, as well as the hermeneutical approach in the analysis of the work as a complete unit.

The achievement of the proposed research is the processing of the literary fund of the turn of XX–XXI centuries. with the purpose to enrich the theoretical basis of the studied social and cultural period.



A. Nothomb; genre; French novel of XX–XXI cs.; diffusion; transformation of genre


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