Receptive Reaction on the Novel “The Little Demon” by F.Sologub Through Drama Prizm

Arina Yankova


The article highlights two opposing opinions on peculiarities of modern methods of stage interpretation of epics. The first one (T. A. Shakh-Azizova, I. L. Vyshnevska, V. Ie. Khaliziev): today theatre and literature interact without stage-players, translation of prose into action language makes the text poorer without taking into consideration narrative part of prose, without presenting author’s voice and style. The second one (B. O. Kostelianets, M. I. Turovska, A. P. Svobodin, G. O. Tovstonogov): modern art possesses sufficient means of stage embodiment of narrative discourse, characters’ inner monologues – generally – means of prose dramatization.

The assertions by contemporary cult directors: P. Brook, T. Suzuki, S. Zhenovach, K. Ginkas are another argument in favor of creative character of stage interpretation. Based on these assertions it is stated that stage interpretation is such a process where literary image stops to be final embodiment of recipient’s imagination, but produces the next alive immediate experience.

The article also analyzes two attempts of dramatization of the novel “The Little Demon” by F.Sologub – the author’s one (play “The Little Demon” by F. Sologub) and modern one (play “Beast” by V. Semenovskyi). Drama interpretations, separated by almost a century distance are compared. The main problem of interpretation is absence of fantastic and realistic topics combination in the stage action. Instead, in his play V. Semenovskyi combines text with the reader’s personal experience which touches upon the problems of the Russian backwoods of the early 20th century actualizing them from the distant offspring’s standpoint.

Thus, the problem of prose dramatization is considered in connotation with the problem of individualized reception act. Changes of paradigm “stage interpretation phenomenon” are analyzed in the context of combination of dramatization as a receptive script with the postmodernism practice on the basis of play “Beast” by V. Semenovskyi (by the novel “The Little Demon” by F. Sologub).


dramatization; stage interpretation; literary genres; receptive script; postmodernism; F. Sologub; “Beast” by V. Semenovskyi


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