Archetype Judgements of Leonid Talalay (On the Material of Album “Homeless Stream: The Best Poetry” / “Bezprytul’na techiia: vybrani poezii”)

Svitlana Negodyayeva


The research is dedicated to the analysis of poetry by L. Talalay that was written during his last years. The work highlights character of presentation and motivation in connection with the problems, which the Ukrainian culture has faced on the basis of actualization of issues regarding renewal of the literature theory that is considered by us through the prism of archetype visions of the author’s and the reader’s receptions.

This work considers transformations of the archetypes of native land, home, domestic goddess, a father, a child, an identification of own „I”, which were presented in the last album „Homeless stream: the best poetry” (Bezprytul’na techiia: vybrani poezii).

So as you can see, in his lyrics Leonid Talalay sought out new intellectual assumptions of the archetypal categories, on the basis of which he expressed his attitude to the world and contemporary in it, so that his poetry is „intelligent”. Defining the element of the text as the archetype depends on collective and individual authors-readers’ unity. Associative basis of this category defines its principal vastness associated with psychological and genetic memory, anthropology of the bearer of a certain cultural community. And archetypal vision of the mature poet, as we see, is inseparable from those of modern Ukrainian.

From our point of view, declared research aspect will deepen the literature author’s silvetta. Moreover, the work will open the archetypical resources of generating of new word pictures by means of realized by author widening of associative range as the main factor of poet’s style manner that represents an author’s conception of the world and a human.


Leonid Talalay; archetype; identification; transformation; modified key word picture; author’s reception; style manner


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