French Language Teaching at The Heart of the Translation Course


  • Naoufal El Bakali Abdelmalek Essaadi University, Morocco



translation, language, didactic, culture, linguistic


Language learning is the foundation of any translation business, especially for students admitted to translation courses. In our case, mastering the French language, in order to carry out a translation, requires a perfect knowledge of the linguistic workings, likely to come to the aid of students who are learning translation techniques. In the current state of affairs, learning to translate at the graduate level suggests a perfect mastery of languages, both at the start and at the end. We would like to develop our study from a didactic and linguistic point of view, calling on other interdisciplinary parameters, since the question of learning to translate is at the crossroads of several cogitos. Therefore, teaching the language, in this case French represents a step, sine qua non, for the students of the King Fahd Superior School of Translation of Tangier, knowing that in Morocco, the French language still occupies the place. of the first foreign language. As a result, our students are required to translate from and into the French language alongside Arabic and English. As such, we have chosen to approach the didactics of translation, first of all, by looking over the language teaching which embodies an essential place for the success of the act of translating. All the axes that we develop in this article have a degree of analysis that oscillates between theory and practice, since language and translation are two activities which have two sides of the same coin.

Author Biography

Naoufal El Bakali, Abdelmalek Essaadi University

Translation Department: French-Arabic-English

King Fahd Higher School of Translation of Tangier

Abdelmalek Essaadi University

410 Charf Street, Tangier, Morocco


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