Postcolonial and Francophone Moroccan Literature in Translation the Case of the Novel Les Temps Noirs, Abdelhak Serhane


  • Imane-Sara Zouini Toulouse Jean-Jaurès University, France



Abdelhak Serhane, francophone Moroccan literature, postcolonial translation, otherness, deterritorialization, reterritorialization


Our contribution is about the translation of postcolonial and francophone Moroccan literature, and especially the case of the novel Les Temps noirs written by Abdelhak Serhane. Being written by an author not belonging to the Hexagon, this literary text reveals a decentering writing practice to which the translator must be very attentive when translating this novel. This is how, first, we sought, using the postcolonial approach, to elucidate the postcolonial writing that underlies this novel, as well as its characteristics and its stake. The aim is to show the role of cultural translation in the author’s writing project in order to include his native languages, especially Arabic and Berber. Then, we presented the strategy for translating this novel into Arabic according to the bermanian approach whose primary objective is to preserve otherness intact. It is, finally, these traces of the Other that we have analyzed and commented on in order to demonstrate, in the end, that the translation of the Other in this novel implies a return to its original language and culture.

Author Biography

Imane-Sara Zouini, Toulouse Jean-Jaurès University

Doctor in Languages, Literatures and Societies, Assistant professor

Foreign Languages, Literatures and Civilizations Department

Toulouse Jean-Jaurès University

5 allée Antonio Machado, 31058, Toulouse cedex 9, France


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