Fed’kovych-Studies Discourses by Oleksandr Oguy (To the Issue of the Creative Phenomenon of the Scholar)

Lidija Kovalets


The article is devoted to Oleksandr Oguy (1958–2014), the well-known in Ukraine and abroad scientist and linguist, doctor of sciences, professor of Yuriy Fed’kovych Chernivtsi National University. He was a person of a broad professional and common erudition, the author of numerous works, that where also related to the adjacent to philology sciences and were often denoted with complexed multidisciplinary approach.

The article focuses on the O. Oguy’s interests with artistic literature, literary scholarship, in particular Ukrainian writing and the personality of Y. Fed’kovych. The work of the scientist in this area is analyzed in detail. It is concluded that they are based on a scrupulous analysis of critical literature about the writer, documentary sources, and also on the logical development of observations of psychological, historical, socio-cultural and aesthetic order. So, in the field of research about the greatest poet of Bukovyna, the scientist brought his ability to analyze and synthesize the material in a new way, on new methodological principals, and thus managed to reach a higher level of scientific creativity. The issue of the importance of the further study of O. Oguy’s workshop was questioned as perhaps the only way to prolong their life and life of the author himself.


O. Oguy; Y. Fed’kovych; science; literary sphere; universalism; new methodological approaches; scientific creativity


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